Become Fujur ‘s Patron – Parpalandia Christmas Package


Buy an original Christmas present and at the same support a good cause!

Parpalandia Christmas Package includes:

  • Personalised Christmas certificate addressed for example to you, your family or anyone you want to endow,
  • Christmas video greeting from Parpalandia,
  • 10% on all tours in Parpalandia valid until 30.4.2022.

By buying the certificate you donate 1 month of food to Fujur!

* The Christmas certificate consists of 4 pages, we are only showing you the 1st page, because the rest is a 🎁 surprise. The certificate includes a promo code for the 10% discount on all tours provided by Parpalandia, it can be used on our website The Christmas video greeting can be watched and downloaded online via the link mentioned in the Christmas certificate. The video will be available on the 15.12.2020.



My name is Fujur and at the first sight you can tell that I am the youngest husky in Parpalandia. I still behave like a puppy, I like to run, jump, bark and to play with my toys. But that does not mean, that I am not a great husky sledding dog. Because I have so much energy, I can run a lot.

This year is very sad for me as well as for other huskies and people in Parpalandia, because many people cannot make it to Lapland. That’s why my owners created this Parpalandia Christmas Package, thanks to which you can meet me on your screen and feel like in Lapland for a few minutes.

Due to the coronavirus, the tourism industry is suffering. Even though there is almost no income, my owners still take care of me. Taking care of me, warming my food, feeding me, cleaning the kennel or training me, everything costs money. That’s why I really appreciate your help. The 29 euros you paid for the Parpalandia Christmas Package will pay for my food for 1 month.

Thank you and I hope to meet you once the travelling is possible again 🐢