Parpalandia Cottages

Parpalandia cottages are surrounded by pure Arctic nature. Located in a rural area, away from big cities it is the place for a nature getaway. In Parpalandia, you can get back to nature and enjoy all the beauties of Lapland.

We offer accommodation in 2 cottages. The main lodge can accommodate up to 20 persons. Our new log cabin is great for smaller groups or families with up to 6 persons.

Our accommodation in Parpalandia offers possibilities for many activities, including watching northern lights (aurora borealis) as there is nearly no light pollution. The place is silent, the only noise comes from our huskies, as Parpalandia is also a husky farm.


Parpalandia cottages are perfect for those looking for accommodation in the middle of nature, away from mass tourism and an authentic Lappish experience.


In Parpalandia you have the best activities at your fingerprints. Explore our tours and choose the best options for you.


Celebrations & Team buildings
Do you want to do something special for your birthday, anniversary or company team building? Parpalandia offers premises for small events with the option of an overnight stay.

Sauna & Hot Tub

Trying a traditional Finnish wooden sauna is a must-do during your holiday in Finland. Our newly built sauna offers a great view of our private lake. For an even more relaxing experience, we can also warm up the hot tup for you.