Husky Safari in Rovaniemi Experiences

Summer and Autumn Husky Experiences

These unique and rare husky experiences in Rovaniemi are meant for those who enjoy nature and wish to experience husky rides in both winter and summer.

Choose from a variety of our husky tours. A husky tour is a must-do when visiting Lapland and it will be a highlight of your vacation. Husky tours are a great option for people of all ages, as they are both family and senior friendly. We run our husky rides through an Arctic forest, offering a unique atmosphere and authentic experience.

At Parpalandia, we usually have snow from the end of November until mid of April. The dogs are resting until the beginning of September because it is too warm for them to run. However, from September until the time that there is enough snow for the husky sled tours, you can enjoy a husky ride on wheels.

At Parpalandia you have a great opportunity to try husky mushing because, in all our tours, you are steering a husky team. But do not worry, you will receive driving instructions before your husky ride. By default, a sled is shared by two adults, one is driving and one is sitting in the sled; they can change the position in the middle of the track. Small children sit with one adult in the sled. Those who wish to steer the husky sled during the whole tour may choose the solo-driving option. We have Alaskan huskies at Parpalandia. Alaskan huskies are born to run, you will see how excited they are before each sled ride!

If you have any questions about Parpalandia’s husky experiences in Rovaniemi, feel free to contact us.

Check our husky driving instructions for even a better husky experience